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 Product Use: Complan is a milk-based nutritional health beverage fortified with 34 vital nutrients in balanced proportion. It includes 100% Milk Protein to help children grow better and essential vitamins and nutrients to help children grow grow mentally and physically.Complan is a nutrition expert in the category and its formulation is designed mainly as per Indian Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). Complan has a nutrigrow formula which is a highest energy giving health drink. Complan Health Benefits :1) Natural Milk Protein : The drink is milk based, not malted and hence provides 100% of milk protein.2) Improves Immunity : Complan has got 11 immunity boosting nutrients which only helps sustain immunity and resists you from falling ill frequently. 3) High in Calories : One gets 419KJ for every 100g of Complan, these calories play an important role to keep your body active all day and helps you in improving your physical performance. 4) Improves Metabolism : Regular use of Complan stabilizes metabolism which enhances overall performance of body maintaining healthy blood, balancing fluids, improving cell growth, strengthening bones, teeth and inflating vision.5) Aids in Body Growth : It not only helps in growing height but also accelerates overall body growth with regular consumption along with regular diet.6) Gives more power to brain : Ingredients like Iodine, Iron & Vitamin B12 improves functioning of brain, leading to mental alertness and concentration upgrading the memorizing power of the child. Use under Medical supervision.